SPX 2013

I don’t even know where to start. There are so many exhibitors and so many guests. Even more than on this poster, too many to mention. Name any cartoonist you can think of and there’s a 75% chance they’ll be there. I’ll just direct you to the Small Press Expo web page for you to see what will be happening in beautiful downtown Bethesda.



I’m mentioning it because I’m on two different panels there and it will be the first time in at least ten years I’m going.

Saturday at 5:30 pm
R. Sikoryak’s Carousel at SPX
Cartoonist R. Sikoryak (Masterpiece Comics) brings a special edition of his Carousel series of performative comics readings to SPX. Buckle up for entertainment as Sikoryak, Lisa Hanawalt (My Dumb Dirty Eyes), Sam Henderson (The Magic Whistle), Michael Kupperman (Tales Designed to Thrizzle), Anders Nilsen (Rage of Poseidon), Leslie Stein (Eye of the Majestic Creature) and Kriota Willberg ((NO) Pain!) read from their work, accompanied by projection.

Sunday at 1:30
Sam Henderson and Michael Kupperman in Conversation
Sam Henderson and Michael Kupperman, friends since their early gang days in the rough-and-tumble city streets, will talk about how their careers have intersected over twenty years. The artists will set themselves on fire and perform 360 flaming wheelies around the auditorium on motorcycles (unless the Marriott objects). Otherwise, other forms of non-life threatening comedy will ensue. Warning: may contain nudity if you ask nicely. Moderated by Tim Hodler (The Comics Journal).

Thanks to events co-ordinator Bill Kartalopoulos for arranging these.

MAGIC WHISTLE #13 (see post from last month) will be for sale there. If you attend, get it from us there (if you’ve already bought it, buy another)and we’ll make our money back quicker. I’ll be signing at the Alternative Comics table periodically both days and selling some original art.

AND hopefully, we’re going to try, the SCENE BUT NOT HEARD book, a collection of the strips for Nickelodeon magazine published jointly by Top Shelf and Alternative Comics will be there. Twenty years in the making. If it’s not, we’ll at least have evidence that it exists.





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