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  • Posters available at CAB

    Posters available at CAB

    I mentioned CAB two posts ago and how I’ll be at two different tables. I have an all-ages book as well as copies of Magic Whistle to sell and it would be better if they weren’t in the same place, similar to kosher diets forbidding meat and milk from touching. I’ll also have the above…

  • Comic Arts Brooklyn

    Comic Arts Brooklyn

    If you’re in Brooklyn or near it, don’t forget to go to Comic Arts Brooklyn next week, the main comic convention of Williamsburg, a splinter convention from Gabriel Fowler at Desert Island Comics. The Alternative Comics table will be downstairs at D35. There will be most of my PG-13/MA material there as well as much…

  • Making it after all

    Making it after all

    I only put this here because I only get a picture taken of me about once a year and even then I look fat or retarded or just got out of bed and here’s one I’m not ashamed of. It’s one Danny Hellman took at the Brooklyn Book Fair last Sunday. The idea is supposed…

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