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  • Comic Arts Brooklyn

    Comic Arts Brooklyn

    If you’re in Brooklyn or near it, don’t forget to go to Comic Arts Brooklyn next week, the main comic convention of Williamsburg, a splinter convention from Gabriel Fowler at Desert Island Comics. The Alternative Comics table will be downstairs at D35. There will be most of my PG-13/MA material there as well as much…

  • Magic Whistle 13: Proof it exists

    Magic Whistle 13: Proof it exists

    It was scheduled to come out three weeks ago but it’s obviously low priority for Diamond Comics. I’ve gotten reports that it is in fact in stores. This picture from the staff of Staffars Serier in Stockholm shows that it has hit stores. The thirteenth issue of Magic Whistle was by far the biggest seller…

  • SPXplosion


    I posted about the Small Press Explosion a couple weeks ago, where you’ll be able to get the thirteenth issue of Magic Whistle. There’s also a party at Atomic Books in Baltimore the night before, mainly to promote Peter Bagge’s new book, but will also have various cartoonists reading from their work. I’m doing a…

  • Ink Studs

    The cliche is true. When your voice is played back you ask yourself “Do I really sound like that?” and you’re the only one that sees anything wrong. A couple weeks ago I was sat down with Robin McConnell for his Ink Studs radio podcast, which has featured practically everyone that’s ever worked in comics.…

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