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  • Magic Whistle #14

    Magic Whistle #14

    I was talking with my publisher a few weeks ago about how my covers all look the same and this is why we think people walk by our table at conventions as if they don’t see us, and if they’re fans think maybe they already have these issue. They all have a single flat color…

  • Saturday Night on Zeta-9711

    Saturday Night on Zeta-9711

    I should be done with MAGIC WHISTLE #14 in the next two months. I haven’t picked the guest artists yet. I showed some sample pages of another story last summer but I’m redrawing that one. Here’s another sneak preview expanded from one of the gags you might see one the home page hitting “Random”.

  • Magic Whistle # 14-sneak peek

    Magic Whistle # 14-sneak peek

    The thirteenth issue’s not even out yet and I’m already working on the fourteenth issue. Here’s a sneak preview of a story I just did. The whole issue’s not gonna be all “loose” like this, I just tried doing a finished version and couldn’t get the spontaneity of the thumbnails. Plus it breaks the monotony…

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