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  • SPX events, furthur

    SPX events, furthur

    I know I keep talking about the Small Press Expo (It’ll be over this weekend. I’ll stop. I promise. I’ll talk about CAB instead.) but I had to let you know again about these two events. The Carousel reading will be about 50% different from the one at Atomic Books, so there’s not as much…

  • Screwballs

    More than ten years ago, I was down and out and living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, when it was still affordable, working class–and more importantly, a relatively safe neighborhood most people never heard of. It had not yet become the hipster frat boy capital of the world. I still had friends that refused to go “all…

  • SPX 2013

    SPX 2013

    I don’t even know where to start. There are so many exhibitors and so many guests. Even more than on this poster, too many to mention. Name any cartoonist you can think of and there’s a 75% chance they’ll be there. I’ll just direct you to the Small Press Expo web page for you to…

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