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  • Alle billen verzamelen

    Alle billen verzamelen

    I’m apparently big in Europe. At least I think. here’s a review that was posted in the Dutch pop culture magazine Zone 5300. I’m not sure how big the magazine is. I’m not even sure what this says. I think it’s a positive review. I’ll just take their word for it. I put the text…

  • Comic Arts Brooklyn

    Comic Arts Brooklyn

    If you’re in Brooklyn or near it, don’t forget to go to Comic Arts Brooklyn next week, the main comic convention of Williamsburg, a splinter convention from Gabriel Fowler at Desert Island Comics. The Alternative Comics table will be downstairs at D35. There will be most of my PG-13/MA material there as well as much…

  • Carousel for Kids

    Carousel for Kids

    Every few months I’m I’ll do a reading with slides of my comics. This is quite common with cartoonists and authors in the NYC area. Mostly I’ve done them in Carousel hosted by R. Sikoryak. Over the years I feel I’ve improved as a performer doing these, adding sound effects and music and sometimes audience…

  • Scene But Not Heard

    Scene But Not Heard

    I’ve been waiting years for this, and the copies have finally arrived on our shores. SCENE BUT NOT HEARD, the collection of strips I’ve been doing for NICKELODEON magazine, is here. I’m making a couple public appearances in November (details to come) so knock wood that they’ll be ready for then. Unlike most of my…

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