Additional Magic Whistle #3.0 news

My comic that was supposed to be my big comeback and reboot was released today, but without the inside covers. It’s only the editorial, you might be saying to yourself. The real meat is the work inside, says this straw man I just made up. While this may be true, I wanted it all to be perfect. It leaves buyers wondering why I’ve changed formats yet again and changed the title slightly. Is it a spinoff or a continuation? I’ve known of the mistake for a couple weeks, but my publisher and his printer have both been on vacations for Thanksgiving, adding to the problem. The bad batch will be recalled, but despite my publisher mentioning this snafu in the press, some copies are out there.


If you already bought one of those copies, I don’t particularly appreciate you flipping it on eBay buy I guess I can’t stop you. I don’t recognize it as a complete edition without these pages so you may print them out and affix them if you’d like. (They’re blurry here but not when you click on them)


MagicWhistle 3-1-covers-2





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