• Editorial we didn’t use

    Editorial we didn’t use

    MAGIC WHISTLE 3.2 hits stores next month and I’m pretty proud of the issue. The only thing different is an editorial I wrote. My publisher thought it might be too topical, but I didn’t think so. The version here may be superfluous and its editing has no impact on the other 47 pages, but effectively…

  • Magic Whistle 3.2

    Magic Whistle 3.2

    Happy to say I have all the material for Magic Whistle 3.2 in.It will all be assembled by my Alternative owner Marc Arsenault and co-editor Dave Nuss next week at Linework NW in Portland, OR and presuming all goes well it will be ready for C.A.K.E. in Chicago next month. This issue has work by…

  • Additional Magic Whistle #3.0 news

    Additional Magic Whistle #3.0 news

    My comic that was supposed to be my big comeback and reboot was released today, but without the inside covers. It’s only the editorial, you might be saying to yourself. The real meat is the work inside, says this straw man I just made up. While this may be true, I wanted it all to…

  • Magic Whistle 3.0 is Fresh from the Printers!!!

    Magic Whistle 3.0 is Fresh from the Printers!!!

    That’s right. I printed one display copy on my computer printer last night. What, you didn’t think there were copies available yet, did you? Yeah, I’ve been hyping the shit out of it and copies will come to stores next month. We finished it and sent it off, so we should be getting copies very…

  • commissions


    So you know, I do them. Sliding scale depending on the size and what it is and such. If it’s timely or a gift, let me know at least three weeks in advance though so it’s not late like this was.

  • Honk montage

    I’m constantly adding to this. I have a pretty big collection of golden age studio cartoons but I don’t have time to go through every one looking for nose-honking, though I remember it all the time as a kid. I’ll always be updating this. Suggestions welcome but no homages or references.

  • Magic Whistle 3.0

    Magic Whistle 3.0

    I know I keep changing the format of Magic Whistle every few years. This newest incarnation will be sort of a full-on anthology. It was evolving into that. It’s going to have the same usual 20-something page count of my work plus the same page count of work by other artists. I feel lots of…

  • Valentina III

    Valentina III

    Fantagraphics will be reprinting a translation of Valentina next year, an Italian series of erotic adventure comics from the 60s and 70s. There will be some background information and guest pinups, including artists you would expect such as Gilbert Hernandez, Katie Skelly, Paul Pope, and dozens of European comics artists. For some reason, I was…

  • A Cartoonist’s Diary

    A Cartoonist’s Diary

    All week long I’ll be doing the A Cartoonist’s Diary feature about my experiences teaching an after-school PTA-sponsored cartooning class over at The Comics Journal

  • Carousel for Kids.

    Carousel for Kids.

    Don’t forget to go to The MOCCA Festival in a couple weeks. We’ll be at table 308 where I’ll have copies of issues of Magic Whistle #s 12-15, and on Sunday I’ll be part of the Carousel for Kids program.

  • My two cents about the thing you’re sick of hearing about

    My two cents about the thing you’re sick of hearing about

    There’s something about being a cartoonist that makes people think you’re the foremost authority on anything cartoon-related. It’s assumed you know how much any particular comic book is worth or any trivia related to anything in the medium, anything a friend or relative sees a news item about, as if everything with words and pictures…

  • SpongeBob Comics #40

    SpongeBob Comics #40

    I did the back cover to the newest issue of SpongeBob Comics, #40. I have a few stories coming up, some I’ve just written, some both written and drawn. Got a two-pager I’m working on right now.

  • 2015 news so far

    2015 news so far

    Now that the new year’s started, I can now say some things we’ve been sitting on for a while: -My publisher, Alternative Comics is now being distributed by Consortium Books, which should give more presence in bookstores. –Magic Whistle will re-relaunch this summer as an anthology. It will still have at least 20 pages by…

  • Well-Defined


    In 2008, I did illustrations for a book called Well-Defined: Vocabulary In Rhyme by Michael Salinger. He is a poet and teacher who does speaking engagements at schools and libraries performing his work. The book was a series of poems about SAT words, and as with most books it went nowhere. The publisher, Wordsong Press,…

  • Comic Book Resources

    I’m really surprised by the response I’ve gotten for the previous essay assessing myself. But it did result in my sitting down with Tim O’Shea for this interview over at Comic Book Resources’ Robot 6. Actually, I didn’t sit down with him. I’ve never even met him. It was done through the mail with my…

  • Another disgruntled cartoonist complains about things

    A couple days ago, contemporary Mike Dawson wrote an excellent piece about the frustrations of being a middle-aged cartoonist, which made me think a lot again about my own place in the “industry”. I can relate, being 45 and considered an elder statesman in some places and total nobody in others. Every once in a…

  • VICE strips

    I posted the roughs on this site before but have just sold them to VICE. You can see the links here: HIGH SCHOOL URBAN SEX LEGENDS SATURDAY NIGHT ON ZETA-9711

  • Magic Whistle 15

    Magic Whistle 15

    While #14 hits stores this week I’m starting to work on the 15th issue which should be available in November or December. There are also back-up strips by Meghan Turbitt and Steven Kraan. I’m not sure who’s doing the back cover yet, but you’ll be the first to know. This won’t be the finished cover.…

  • Now I’ve seen everything

    I made a video yesterday that went viral (hits in the low three digits instead of the usual two) and I got all these suggestions so I expanded on it. I was originally going to call it Ernest Hemingway’s Favorite Videos but his family would see it in a YouTube search so I thought it…

  • New things for June

    New things for June

    There are two new events New York I’m doing next week. Another Carousel and another convention. Instead of additional hyperlinks and dates I’ll post cards about the events themselves which contain all the information you need. If all goes well (I’m talking to you, Ronald’s) the newest Magic Whistle I’ve been talking about on this…

  • Magic Johnson and me

    Magic Johnson and me

    It started with a Tweet I got earlier today. That and the Donald Sterling story reminded me of something I printed in a mini in 1992 that I don’t have anymore. A doodle a co-worker did for a dubiously legal telemarketing place I worked at for a few months after college. It could be best…

  • Free Comic Book Day

    Free Comic Book Day

    Next Saturday, May 3, will be Free Comic Book Day and you’ll have plenty of comics too choose from, and you should take them all, because they’re free. I mention it because I have a page in SpongeBob Freestyle Funnies. Even though I was a writer for the show and frequently did a strip for…

  • Mr. Slitzka

    Mr. Slitzka

    The 14th issue of Magic Whistle won’t even come out for another couple months and I’ve already started work on the 15th issue. Here are thumbnails for a story. Now that I look at it I should lose the shadow in the third panel on the last page so it’s not mistaken for the menstrual…

  • Mocca and Linework NW

    Mocca and Linework NW

    Like most years, I’ll be at this year’s annual MOCCA Festival in New York, at the Top Shelf table, signing copies of Scene But Not Heard April 5 and 6th. When I’m not at the table I’ll be wandering around. I won’t be at the Linework NW Festival in Portland, OR the following Saturday but…

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