Brooklyn loves C3PO

Sorry to keep bringing up the 90s. Makes me sound like a middle-aged guy who yearns for his old high-school football days. I’m only the first half of that sentence.

Years ago I asked around about a nameless mini-comic I included in a grab-bag that I only made about 20 of. It was everything pre-Magic Whistle I had done at the time, packaged with a cover in a plastic bag and labelled Magic Whistle #0(Not to be confused with the Magic Whistle #0 available through ComiXology) and included a mini I hadn’t used before called C3PO. It was something my then-roommate Mike Rex and I had based on an inside joke we had of a club he made up called “The Williamsburg/Greenpoint C3PO Appreciation Society”.

As I said, I asked around about it. It mostly sold at Jim Hanley’s Universe, so people who worked there were the ones I asked about this comic, and if anyone had it, could they send some scans.

I forgot about it until yesterday, when Michael Bianco posted pages on his Facebook page. He doesn’t have a scanner, but sent me photographs. As you can see, it is water-damaged, and because he is in Staten Island, I asked if it came from Hurricane Sandy. Alas no, but it would make a great story. The idea that the storm devastated the town last year but all that was left was this stupid comic.

I thought I had done more, but I only did two of the eight pages. See if you can guess which ones.



Looking back, I realize a better cover would have been the famous Star Wars card with a hunk of metal some say is his penis. Oh well, I always come up with better ideas in 20/20 year hindsight.






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