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  • commissions


    So you know, I do them. Sliding scale depending on the size and what it is and such. If it’s timely or a gift, let me know at least three weeks in advance though so it’s not late like this was.

  • Screwballs

    More than ten years ago, I was down and out and living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, when it was still affordable, working class–and more importantly, a relatively safe neighborhood most people never heard of. It had not yet become the hipster frat boy capital of the world. I still had friends that refused to go “all…

  • Sam Henderson on iComics

    As part of the celebration of 20 years of Magic Whistle, this video was concocted to promote the new digital editions. What, you don’t know about those? You can read issues 0, 7, 9, 12, 13 (when it comes out in August) and the Humor Can Be Funny collection on your handheld electronic device. More…

  • Free Magic Whistle #0 For You

    Free Magic Whistle #0 For You

    Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Magic Whistle with this completely free to you, brand new, full length, digital comic book of the previously uncollected very best work by Sam Henderson – MagicWhistle¬†#0 is completely free, and completely DRM-free. Download it now! (10MB PDF) Party like it’s 1993!

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