Electronic editions

Alternative Comics is on a roll putting out e-versions of most of my older work. Next up is Magic Whistle #4 from 2000.

It’ll be available through ComiXology for the low price of $1.99, in the meantime you can get it on the Kindle for $2.99.

This is one of many e-books planned. Further issues will be available in either of these two formats. Some are already available. You don’t have to kill any trees. Just pollute the environment in a different way. If I had my way Kindles, Nooks, and devices like that would be made from hemp, but on the other hand, they only need to be made once as opposed to the expense of constantly using resources to keep things in print. Anyway, this one’s a full 37 pages (electronically you don’t have to deal with that pesky multiple of four thing) with a version by Dean Haspiel of a cartoon I did when I was five (also included) and an alternate version of the cover by Dyna Moe. Did I mention it’s only $2.99?

Shameless self-promotion out.




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