Free Comic Book Day


Next Saturday, May 3, will be Free Comic Book Day and you’ll have plenty of comics too choose from, and you should take them all, because they’re free.

I mention it because I have a page in SpongeBob Freestyle Funnies. Even though I was a writer for the show and frequently did a strip for Nickelodeon magazine, I haven’t been appearing in the comic as much. Not that I’m not invited to pitch as often as I want. I keep saying I’ll do more and drop the ball, but I just submitted a bunch of ideas this week. I did writing and art in this issue for what I intend to be a recurring feature, Flipper Follies. This issue also has stuff by usual contributors Nate Neal, Maris Wicks, Graham Annable, Corey Barba, Alternative regular James Kochalka, and others. Even if it weren’t free, I’d still recommend it. Editor Chris Duffy, formerly of Nickelodeon, has brought his editorial eye and comics expertise with him for a monthly series, supervised by creator Stephen Hillenburg.





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