Magic Whistle 3.0 is Fresh from the Printers!!!

That’s right. I printed one display copy on my computer printer last night. What, you didn’t think there were copies available yet, did you? Yeah, I’ve been hyping the shit out of it and copies will come to stores next month. We finished it and sent it off, so we should be getting copies very soon. In the meantime, I will be attending the annual Comic Arts Brooklyn festival this Saturday, November 7. I’m only announcing it a few days earlier rather than a few weeks since I won’t have a new comic to speak of. I will have the aforementioned display copy of Magic Whistle 3.0, details of which are in the archives of this page, as well as plenty of earlier Whistles on hand and much original art in time for Christmas.


The week after, I will be in a show called The Consequences, an art and performance extravaganza at the Williamsburg venue Cloud City on November 15 at 8 PM. Admission is $10, less than a cup of coffee. But only if you get your coffee here.

I’m always talking about New York appearances, but I’ll do other places too.The only catch is that somebody else has to pay for travel and lodging.





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