Magic Whistle #14

I was talking with my publisher a few weeks ago about how my covers all look the same and this is why we think people walk by our table at conventions as if they don’t see us, and if they’re fans think maybe they already have these issue. They all have a single flat color and one guy talking to another in the middle. Personally I don’t mind, the way I find them different is that every issue’s cover is a different color, but I can see why they ultimately don’t stand out, especially when I spent a few years not having anything new. The reason I don’t have other artists do the cover like I do with the back and some interior pages is because I don’t want to be deceptive. Primarily it is my work and should be sold as such. This cover keeps my style and sense of humor without being different from what’s inside while not looking like all the other issues. This is something I came up with which may or may not be the final cover.


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