Alle billen verzamelen

I’m apparently big in Europe. At least I think. here’s a review that was posted in the Dutch pop culture magazine Zone 5300. I’m not sure how big the magazine is. I’m not even sure what this says. I think it’s a positive review. I’ll just take their word for it.


I put the text in a translation engine and this is what I got. I kind of get the gist of it:

Gourmets of delicate humor that the cut- do not run twenty years Sam Henderson are encountered, can with the appearance of the fourteenth issue of his magazine Magic Whistle damage amply overtaking. At the same time, and on the occasion anniversary of his porcelain, appears bundling Scene But Not Heard, Henderson’s wordless contribution to the nota bene magazines Spongebob Squarepants.

The difference can not be greater. Nearby Henderson, we with a little imagination a cross between Gummbah, Urbanus, Andy Kaufman and Benny Hill may call in its irregularly appearing Magic Whistle especially makes jokes about buttocks, dirty words from letter vermicelli (“That’s why they call me Dirty Danny’), prankcalls and a man who stuck in the cat flap of immemorial his own door, as he explores the laws of the strip with Scene But Not Heard: a wordless series about a man and a bear that surprise each other with loose-hanging frames, disappearance nende lines and perspective changes. Call it juggle cartoons. If the bear of the dash the waistband of the man stripping, it is in his naked. That idea.

The Magic Whistle began in 1993 as a small press sheet that Henderson in his own be-Mr. issued. Of the first series published twelve numbers, after which the counting started again. Indefatigable-seats, in a high-school style and a very select public works Henderson to his oeuvre, Incidentally, According not always full conviction: his displeasure the lack of recognition Regulation or even a breakthrough

He does not hide or banks. When would finally agree recognize genius? In a hilarious interview with The Comics Journal let him know loud and clear do not understand how it can. Butt, who could Now do not laugh endlessly? Or snobbish Fran-Sozen, who are always funny? Henderson and his fans the world is as bright as broth. Fortunately.




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