• The Mad World of Virgil Partch

    The Mad World of Virgil Partch

    Sometimes I write things for other places. Over at The Comics Journal I reviewed ViP:The Mad World of Virgil Partch They’ve also reviewed my book as well.

  • Magic Whistle on a shirt.

    Magic Whistle on a shirt.

    My friend John F. Kelly, in one of his many enterprises, has begun selling shirts. In addition to the ones of Tony Millionaire, Peter Bagge, and Danny Hellman, he has a few designs himself. Oh, and mine too. That’s the only reason I’m posting this. If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, look for his table…

  • Happy Valentines Day

    Happy Valentines Day

    I post these every year somewhere on the internet and even used them as the endpapers in Magic Whistle #13, but here they are again since that time of year has rolled around once more.

  • It isn’t over until we say it is!

    It isn’t over until we say it is!

    I’ve posted different versions of this before, and will keep doing it until the final version is done, and that might not be until it’s published. My friend Marc Arsenault, in addition to running Alternative Comics, publisher of Magic Whistle, also does much of the production, and this is our latest attempt to let everyone…

  • Character


    It’s unfortunately too late to attend the gallery show but I’m proud to be included in Characters: Portraits of Contemporary Cartoonists, featuring a hundred paintings of just that by New York cartoonist Jess Ruliffson. My portrait was also done a couple days after the book of the show was printed. Characters has the first fifty…

  • Brooklyn loves C3PO

    Brooklyn loves C3PO

    Sorry to keep bringing up the 90s. Makes me sound like a middle-aged guy who yearns for his old high-school football days. I’m only the first half of that sentence. Years ago I asked around about a nameless mini-comic I included in a grab-bag that I only made about 20 of. It was everything pre-Magic…

  • Commissions


    Why wouldn’t I do commissions? Not that you’d doubt I do them, but I just feel the need to remind you that I do every once in a while so the thought will occur to you. Band, flyer, party invitation, just for yourself, or what have you, I’ll do something in b/w or color and…

  • Original Art

    Original Art

    I have several pages of original art for sale and have asked why I only sell about a piece a month when I have 1400 followers on Twitter and 1700 on Facebook. I’ve been told people are more likely to order something if they can do it by just clicking a button since it can…

  • He Aims To Please!

    Here’s a commercial I made for the issue yet to come.

  • Screw cover

    Screw cover

    I did about 5 covers for Screw in the 90s. Instead of doing color on computers, we had to do each color on a separate overlay on tracing paper and make targets to get all the overlays to match up. We only had three colors to work from, and since I didn’t have zip-a-tone I…

  • Comic Book Resources

    Comic Book Resources

    I just did an interview with Alex Deuben at Comic Book Resources about the Scene But Not Heard collection. It can be found here. I also had an old strip reprinted at Panel Patter a couple weeks ago as part of publisher Rob McMonigal’s Advent Calendar.

  • Magic Whistle #14

    Magic Whistle #14

    I was talking with my publisher a few weeks ago about how my covers all look the same and this is why we think people walk by our table at conventions as if they don’t see us, and if they’re fans think maybe they already have these issue. They all have a single flat color…

  • Saturday Night on Zeta-9711

    Saturday Night on Zeta-9711

    I should be done with MAGIC WHISTLE #14 in the next two months. I haven’t picked the guest artists yet. I showed some sample pages of another story last summer but I’m redrawing that one. Here’s another sneak preview expanded from one of the gags you might see one the home page hitting “Random”.

  • Comics Journal Library

    Comics Journal Library

    I’m expecting my comp anytime soon. I did an interview with Al Jaffee about 13 years ago and it’s been used again in this big volume. Now that Fantagraphics has become the main publisher of EC Comics, they’ve released this. Below is the copy they’re using: The Comics Journal Library Vol. 8: The EC Artists…

  • Alle billen verzamelen

    Alle billen verzamelen

    I’m apparently big in Europe. At least I think. here’s a review that was posted in the Dutch pop culture magazine Zone 5300. I’m not sure how big the magazine is. I’m not even sure what this says. I think it’s a positive review. I’ll just take their word for it. I put the text…

  • Posters available at CAB

    Posters available at CAB

    I mentioned CAB two posts ago and how I’ll be at two different tables. I have an all-ages book as well as copies of Magic Whistle to sell and it would be better if they weren’t in the same place, similar to kosher diets forbidding meat and milk from touching. I’ll also have the above…

  • New Yorker cartoonists

    New Yorker cartoonists

    No, I haven’t been in The New Yorker but I am part of this show. I haven’t tried to submit in a while, though I am friends with curator Shannon Wheeler who sees me in the office when he comes to New York. I feel guilty about not being in the magazine but being included…

  • Comic Arts Brooklyn

    Comic Arts Brooklyn

    If you’re in Brooklyn or near it, don’t forget to go to Comic Arts Brooklyn next week, the main comic convention of Williamsburg, a splinter convention from Gabriel Fowler at Desert Island Comics. The Alternative Comics table will be downstairs at D35. There will be most of my PG-13/MA material there as well as much…

  • Carousel for Kids

    Carousel for Kids

    Every few months I’m I’ll do a reading with slides of my comics. This is quite common with cartoonists and authors in the NYC area. Mostly I’ve done them in Carousel hosted by R. Sikoryak. Over the years I feel I’ve improved as a performer doing these, adding sound effects and music and sometimes audience…

  • 10 Rules For Drawing Comics

    10 Rules For Drawing Comics

    There’s this new site called “Ten Rules for Drawing Comics” run by Dov Torbin with advice from Johnny Ryan, Alex Robinson and others, with more to come. Some serious, some not. I did one kind of in-between here.

  • Scene But Not Heard

    Scene But Not Heard

    I’ve been waiting years for this, and the copies have finally arrived on our shores. SCENE BUT NOT HEARD, the collection of strips I’ve been doing for NICKELODEON magazine, is here. I’m making a couple public appearances in November (details to come) so knock wood that they’ll be ready for then. Unlike most of my…

  • Electronic editions

    Electronic editions

    Alternative Comics is on a roll putting out e-versions of most of my older work. Next up is Magic Whistle #4 from 2000. It’ll be available through ComiXology for the low price of $1.99, in the meantime you can get it on the Kindle for $2.99. This is one of many e-books planned. Further issues…

  • 22 Panels Of My Ass That Always Work

    22 Panels Of My Ass That Always Work

  • Magic Whistle #2

    Magic Whistle #2

    My new publisher just went down to the home of my old publisher in Florida to collect all his back inventory and found several copies of the long-thought-to-be-out-of-print second issue of Magic Whistle. Now’s your chance to own this piece of independent floppy comics from the nineties for only $2.95 while there are only a…

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